Sunday, March 20, 2011

Chandrachoodeshwarar Temple

Situated on a small hillock near Hosur is the Chandrachoodeshwarar temple. The temple is just as big as any small temple in Tamilnadu. I have reportedly heard and read that this temple was the reason to turn TVS Motor Co.'s fortune northwards. There is also an evidence that TVS donated the refurbished "Nandhi" to the temple.

The presiding deity is Lord Shiva with Moon on the head (Chandra-Moon, choodesh - wear) and hence the name of the temple.

This trip would certainly be an excellent getaway from the hustles and bustles. The temple does not witness big crowd except few festive occasions. The temple is well maintained and offers a pious feeling. The aerial view is one of the best one can get to see the complete town of Hosur.

Here is the view of the pond abutting the temple.

The approach road to the temple at least unto the hillock is by far the best one can experience. The NH7 section between Bangalore to Attibele (33Km) and from Attibele to Hosur (16Km) is 4 laned for one can cruise at the maximum speed limit of 80Kmph and for rushing adrenalins' one can easily maintain 140Kmph.

Adding to this to the electronic city ramp,supposedly the longest elevated highway in India, is yet another treat from motoring enthusiasts.

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